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8 Ways to Do Halloween Campus Marketing 2016

Halloween differently this year. When everyone else is organizing a pub crawl—boring—you organize a costume swap. That’s the beauty of Halloween; it’s kind to the “freaks” of the idea bin. Just look at the advertising that brands do off campus around this time of year. Do you think Snickers could have gotten away with their […]

Using SEC University Traditions to Market Your Products to the Campus Community

The SEC has a rich history and a myriad of traditions. Established in 1932, the Southeastern Conference of Colleges includes 14 schools, located from Missouri to Texas to Florida. Among these are Vanderbilt University, the University of Florida, the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), the University of Alabama, Auburn University and Texas A & M. […]

Five Big 10 College Traditions Your Brand Can Take Advantage Of

Whether you’re a well-known, large brand or an up and coming company, one of the largest and most valuable markets available to you is that on the college campus. Big 10 Schools and Colleges across the country are a large source of revenue for much more than you think. It’s not just the young adults […]

How to Market to International College Students at a US College

How much has international student enrollment in U.S. colleges increased lately? Enough to warrant the headlines such as “U. of I. reaches out to 600 freshmen from China” and “The University of China at Illinois” popping up in the mainstream media. Think about it. It was only the mid-50’s, when international student enrollment was reaching […]

5 Things to Know About The Class of 2021

Kids today, right? But no, we’re actually more interested in kids tomorrow. As in, college kids and what they’ll be like tomorrow. Because we’re not sure if you’ve noticed but it seems like everything today, from music and movies to share economy services to technology and travel all seems to be marketed to whoever is […]

Which Campuses Should You Avoid Marketing To?

When you’re looking for the right campuses to market to, you probably look at enrollment count and the college’s reputation. But you’re investing a lot of money and effort into your marketing program—especially if you’re targeting multiple campuses—and there’s a lot more to consider than the brand name when selecting schools. Every campus is different, […]

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Your Crib Sheet for Marketing on Community College Campuses

Sometimes, the best campus marketing target isn’t a university. Of the 17+ million college students in the United States roughly 37% attend a two-year program. A multinational client of ours recently asked for our help hiring students in particular areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. According to the NCES, 50% of degree granting institutions in Louisiana […]

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