Take the Show on the Road: Spring Break Marketing Edition

Spring Break is a coveted time of year for college students. Students have a whole week off from classes, leaving them to adventure wherever their hearts (and more likely, the parties) take them. Over 55% of college students hit the road for warmer locations during their break. Don’t let an empty campus leave your student marketing program empty-handed- go on the road with the students! Integrate these Spring Break-centric solutions into your marketing plan for year-round success!

Hotel WiFi.

Vacations are a data hog, making many Spring Breakers live off their hotel’s or event’s WiFi. Be their hero by sponsoring the official Spring Break Wifi package and come to the #rescue. All students who connect will be sent directly to a specifically designed landing page. Every time they tweet, ‘like’, or ‘snap,’ you’ll be the reason they’re connected.

Spring Break Marketing - Go Commando App

Room Drop.

You can get in the bag, you can even own the bag but what about owning the room? Hundreds of thousands of college students escape to cities outside their hometown for Spring Break. This means they’re either staying with friends or getting set up in hotel rooms. Go Commando can work with your team to organize a creative room drop experience for the guests to experience upon check-in. The drop could include branded beverages in the fridge, branded flip flops in the bathroom, or even branded earbuds on the counter. This integrates your brand into their Spring Break experience.

Spring Break Marketing - Go Commando App

Gift Bags.

Get your product into the hands of all guests during check-in of their stay. Or see your drawstring beach bag all over on beaches during Spring Break. At Go Commando, our bag is not simply a throw away- students will use your bag throughout their stay. It’s perfect for water bottles, sunscreen, towels, flip flops, and whatever else your Spring Breaker needs.

Spring Break Marketing - Go Commando App

Hosting an Event?

Go Commando is happy to assist your brand with all marketing collateral including tents, banners, and swag. We will handle the production and shipment ensuring your materials are on site in time for the event.

Don’t let Spring Break get in the way of your marketing campaign- make it a part of it! Join us, and over 50,000 visitors for Bridge Bash 2k17 in March.We have a variety of sponsorship packages to fit your budget and marketing campaign needs.

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