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Rethink the College Campus: Marketing to the American College Student

Being an international brand can be challenging when approaching different demographics in different countries. And when it comes to targeting college students, this varies even more so. College students in America may have different wants and needs than students in other countries. However, one thing that seems to stay consistent among college students is that […]

What They Really, Really Want: Helping Underclassmen Achieve Success

To high school seniors, the college experience can look pretty scary. They don’t know what it’s going to be like, who their friend groups will be, whether or not they’ll like their professors, and what career they should pick. For incoming college students, there are a few important elements they’re paying attention to (and here’s how […]

Text, Snap, ‘Gram: How to Communicate with Gen Z

  Step aside Millennials – Gen Z is taking over! Born between 1995 and 2012, this group is 20 million strong and has new perspectives, opportunities, and challenges ahead of them. By understanding Gen Z’s needs, attributes and work style, brands like you can better recruit, retain and groom them to become future leaders of your […]

8 Ways to Do Halloween Campus Marketing 2016

Halloween differently this year. When everyone else is organizing a pub crawl—boring—you organize a costume swap. That’s the beauty of Halloween; it’s kind to the “freaks” of the idea bin. Just look at the advertising that brands do off campus around this time of year. Do you think Snickers could have gotten away with their […]

5 Things to Know About The Class of 2021

Kids today, right? But no, we’re actually more interested in kids tomorrow. As in, college kids and what they’ll be like tomorrow. Because we’re not sure if you’ve noticed but it seems like everything today, from music and movies to share economy services to technology and travel all seems to be marketed to whoever is […]

Which Campuses Should You Avoid Marketing To?

When you’re looking for the right campuses to market to, you probably look at enrollment count and the college’s reputation. But you’re investing a lot of money and effort into your marketing program—especially if you’re targeting multiple campuses—and there’s a lot more to consider than the brand name when selecting schools. Every campus is different, […]

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Your Crib Sheet for Marketing on Community College Campuses

Sometimes, the best campus marketing target isn’t a university. Of the 17+ million college students in the United States roughly 37% attend a two-year program. A multinational client of ours recently asked for our help hiring students in particular areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. According to the NCES, 50% of degree granting institutions in Louisiana […]

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Brand Marketers: Move on from Millennials—Gen Z Has Arrived

Get ready to shift your marketing strategy in 3…2…1… Still figuring out how to market to Millennials? Don’t look now, but they’re nearly out of college—and Generation Z has just hit campus. Who Is Generation Z? Also known as the iGeneration, the post-Millennials were born between 1995 and 2015. They are the first generation to […]