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Rethink the College Campus: Marketing to the American College Student

Being an international brand can be challenging when approaching different demographics in different countries. And when it comes to targeting college students, this varies even more so. College students in America may have different wants and needs than students in other countries. However, one thing that seems to stay consistent among college students is that […]

5 Things to Know About The Class of 2021

Kids today, right? But no, we’re actually more interested in kids tomorrow. As in, college kids and what they’ll be like tomorrow. Because we’re not sure if you’ve noticed but it seems like everything today, from music and movies to share economy services to technology and travel all seems to be marketed to whoever is […]

Brand Marketers: Move on from Millennials—Gen Z Has Arrived

Get ready to shift your marketing strategy in 3…2…1… Still figuring out how to market to Millennials? Don’t look now, but they’re nearly out of college—and Generation Z has just hit campus. Who Is Generation Z? Also known as the iGeneration, the post-Millennials were born between 1995 and 2015. They are the first generation to […]

Infographic: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Student Finances

At 80 million strong, today’s millennials have the largest disposable income in the history of the United States. By some estimates, they’ll be spending $200 billion annually within a year and a half. That represents a huge opportunity for brands. But for brands that want to know what’s in a college student’s wallet right now, […]

The $10 Trillion Reason You Need to Market to College Students

A lot of companies are hesitant to spend too much of their resources on marketing to college students. We can understand why. The economy has had a major impact on millennials—many of whom still live with their parents, have crushing student loan debt, and are underemployed. Besides, common wisdom says that millennials aren’t brand loyal […]

6 Powerful Ways Mobile Technology Propels Your Campus Marketing

Mobile technology has integrated into every aspect of millennials’ lives. Has your campus marketing integrated into mobile technology as well? Many brands are trailing behind the lifestyles of college students because they haven’t figured out how to successfully adopt the tremendous opportunities that mobile technology provides. But brands that leverage mobile can propel the success of their […]

Fact or Fiction? 3 More Mantras about Marketing to Millennials (Part 2)

In our last post, we tested the 3 truisms about campus marketing to college students. We wondered, Is our collective knowledge about campus marketing real knowledge, or just myth? But three best practices wasn’t enough to capture all of the ins and outs of marketing to Millennials. So we bring you three more common marketing […]

Fact or Fiction? 3 Mantras about Marketing to Millennials (Part 1)

  Millennials are the largest generation in U.S. history. Boasting a population size of 76.6 million, it’s even larger than the Baby Boomer generation. This provides a tremendous opportunity for companies who market to college students using campus ambassador campaigns—but only for brands that understand what makes this generation unique. A lot of content is […]