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How and Why We Went Go Commando.

Traditional Campus Brand Ambassador Programs Are Dead.

Ask most brand managers how their campus marketing programs are going and they’ll likely tell you “they could be better.”

College students are highly sought-after consumers who are bombarded with marketing messages across a multitude of channels every day. To break through the noise, brands must create relevant, fun connections with students in the places where they study, work and socialize.

Unfortunately,there are two big challenges with the traditional brand ambassador program model:

  1. Brands require a steady supply of reliable students to execute their programs
  2. Students want to get paid fast and often, and look for jobs on their own terms

Today, thousands of students on more than 1,000 college campuses around the country use the Go Commando app to find jobs. Go Commando brand reps are carefully screened and vetted, ensuring that only the most committed candidates are allowed to represent your brand. The app provides complete transparency for both sides, including proof of work completed, and status of student payment. Brands find enthusiastic reps, students get paid quickly. Boom. Everyone wins!

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