About the Job


Curious about what being a brand ambassador for Coca-Cola involves? You are in the right place! This is an amazing paid opportunity for a year-long job with Coca-Cola. We have student reps across the country who love Coca-Cola. Find out what our current reps are saying to see if this job would be a good fit for you. For consideration, you'll need to complete the application in its entirety.

Campus Reps
Coca-Cola Campus Reps
Meet a few of our 2019-2020 Coca-Cola Campus Ambassadors.


“What does being a campus ambassador mean to me? Being a campus ambassador to me means living out and exemplifying the brand in my everyday life. It means, being so immersed in the brand, that when someone sees you, they see the brand. Or when someone sees the brand, they see you. Being a campus ambassador means giving and sharing smiles and joy in any way that I can.”

Jalena LeMaster

Ohio State University


What You Will Be Doing

Below are some common tasks that you will be doing as a brand ambassador for Coca-Cola.


01  TRAINING & Webinars

You will be required to attend training in Atlanta, GA (all paid trip!) as well as attend monthly webinars and/or meetings.

02  Sampling Events

Throughout the year you will be required to host several sampling events around campus. You will need to provide documentation of the event using our Go Commando App.

03  Social Media

Utilize social media throughout the year using #iworkforcoke to encourage your peers to drink Coca-Cola and let other students know about sampling events happening on campus.