5 Tips to Master Move-in Day

College move-in day is approaching and the process of packing your entire life into boxes and then into a car only to transport it all to a new location and watch your new life unfold seems daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Move-in day can be a breeze but the ease of moving into your dorm comes with how prepared or unprepared you are ahead of time.

  1. Arrive early
    Some schools may have specific time windows for move-in day, making it a little bit easier to move into your dorm with less students moving in at the same time. However, even if your school does have a specific time window set aside for you, it’s always best to arrive early. By doing so you may be able to get other tasks out of the way such as picture ID, filling out any additional forms, etc. You will also witness the process as other students finish moving into their new space.
  2. Be prepared for chaos
    It’s no doubt that move-in day will be will stressful and chaotic. Come prepared to wait and wait and wait. Whether it’s in line to get your key, waiting for a bin or cart to become available or other students to move out of the hallway. You can expect that everything won’t go as planned, so patience is important.
  3. Be prepared to do more than just move in
    When it comes to moving into a dorm there are other things you may need to do. It won’t be as simple as picking up your key and arranging your belongings. You may need to fill out a damage form, wait in line to get a picture ID or assigned a mailbox or return any additional documents. Be prepared to be productive. At the end of the day, it’ll all be worth it.
  4. Do anything involving lines first
    If you arrive early, it isn’t a bad idea to do anything involving lines first. You’ll be at an advantage to anyone who comes after you. Lines get longer as the day goes on so be sure to get anything involving waiting in line done first. Once you get that out the way, the rest is easy.
  5. Ask questions
    One of the biggest mistakes students make when moving in is not asking enough questions because they feel like they should know. The truth is, you’re moving into a new and unfamiliar place, asking questions can make your move easier whether it means asking where to find a cart or bin to make transporting your belongings easier or how to get around campus.

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