6 Dorm Room Tricks to Stay Organized

Living in a college dorm means being as efficient and organized as possible to make life easier. Here are 6 cost-efficient tricks to stay organized and declutter your dorm.

1. Soda can tabs to extend hangers
If you have a lot of clothes and a closet to share with a roommate, this is a great solution that will help you store all of your stuff in limited space.

Binder clips for organizing cords
No more tangled cords with this simple solution. Keep your tech in order with these binder clips that keep cords from tangling up.

3. Use car air fresheners to freshen your dorm
It’s a given that your dorm won’t always smell great. Simply connect car air fresheners to the vent in your dorm or a fan and it won’t take long for your space to smell wonderful. 

4. Over-the-door shoe organizer to declutter your dorm
Keep snacks organized with an over-the-door shoe organizer. This not only keeps things a little more organized but it saves space on bookshelves or desks that can be used for storing other items.

5. Use a silverware tray to keep everyday essentials organized
A silverware tray near the door of your dorm is a great way to keep your everyday personal items organized. It’s a great way to never be late for class because you won’t spend extra time searching for your phone or keys on your way out.

6. Use adhesive hooks to mount a tablet
Netflix marathon? Get comfortable and mount your tablet to a wall. You won’t have to experience your laptop overheating on your bed and powering off during the climax of the latest episode with this hands-free solution.

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