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6 Ways to Make Extra Cash in College

College is a time for studying. Well, that’s mostly true but it’s also time to learn about yourself. To really develop the person you’re going to be in the future. Studying is part of that equation, but so is traveling, partying, making friends, and working. Most things in life don’t come for free, so as […]

Brand Marketers: Move on from Millennials—Gen Z Has Arrived

Get ready to shift your marketing strategy in 3…2…1… Still figuring out how to market to Millennials? Don’t look now, but they’re nearly out of college—and Generation Z has just hit campus. Who Is Generation Z? Also known as the iGeneration, the post-Millennials were born between 1995 and 2015. They are the first generation to […]

7 Online Tools That Will Make College Easier

College is hard. Being online is easy., Evernote, Google Drive, DropBox–these are definite go-tos for the in-the-know student, but here are seven sites and apps definitely worth a spot on your bookmarks bar or homescreen. 1. EasyBib This site’s primary function is to assist you in creating the most dreaded part of an essay, the […]

Infographic: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Student Finances

At 80 million strong, today’s millennials have the largest disposable income in the history of the United States. By some estimates, they’ll be spending $200 billion annually within a year and a half. That represents a huge opportunity for brands. But for brands that want to know what’s in a college student’s wallet right now, […]