Avoid These Common Job Search Mistakes

Entering the job market can be intimidating for various reasons. With enough experience and practice, the job search process will become less intimidating and more successful as you continue to hone your skills. With that said, be sure to avoid these common job search mistakes. You might just discover there’s opportunity for improvement in your job search tactics.

  1. You’re uninformed
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make during your job search is going in head first and being uninformed. Employers are looking for candidates that can hit the ground running.The only way to be ready for the challenge is to be informed about the company, what they do, who their competitors are, and have a solid understanding of the industry overall.
  2. You don’t keep in touch
    You hear it all the time, network, network, network! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of jobs are found through networking. Building a network is one thing, staying in touch with your contacts is another. Sign up for LinkedIn and take full advantage of their LinkedIn Contacts feature to help manage your contacts so you never miss a beat.
  3. You haven’t created a work portfolio
    In today’s competitive job market and multimedia world, it’s no longer enough to have an extensive bullet point list on your résumé that rambles on about your skills. More employers want to see the results of those skills. So how do you show them? Create a work portfolio with examples of work you’ve accomplished. This can vary from PowerPoint slides, videos of speeches, design work, photography, codes you’ve written or other visuals depending on your industry.
  4. You don’t search yourself on the Internet
    It’s likely that your potential employer is going to look you up online so it’s important that you’re aware of what is out on the web for them to see. Be sure to clean up your social media accounts and ensure proper privacy settings are set.
  5. You’re hesitant
    It’s a given that jobs openings fill quickly in today’s competitive market, so don’t wait too long before submitting your application. Once you have drafted a stand-out cover letter and updated your résumé, you’re ready to take a stab.

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