Brand Ambassador: The Job That’ll Make Your Resume Look Amazing

Brand Ambassador. We’re guessing you’ve heard this term loosely thrown around your college campus, right? But you’ve probably wondered: What *is* a brand ambassador? They are the extension of a specific brand on campus. Here at Go Commando App, we have partnered with eBay and Nike, among others, to provide a brand ambassadorship program just for you.

What Is It? 
Brand ambassadors spread good word about a company at on-campus events. This is the perfect opportunity for outgoing, fun people – like you! – who are passionate about a brand and interested in marketing, promotions, and public relations. When attending campus events, and even when creating your own, your main objective is to create long-term customers and brand advocates. You’ve got the charm to provide quality customer service and, as a student, you know what it takes to bring in other millennials.

Luckily, as an ambassador, you’re able to learn about new products before everyone else. Who doesn’t love free merch and discounts on discounts?

What Are the Tasks?
You need to be able to think fast and find the most unique ways to bring the brand to others on campus. Typically, the company will give you guidance on what it wants you to push at your planned events. Maybe you decide to create a hashtag to invite others to use during an event; in any case, keeping up with social trends is important in terms of keeping your brand relevant.

We’re confident you can do this as you’re already finding the best ways to fit everything – including stalking your crush from chemistry on Facebook – into your crazy-busy schedule.

Being a brand ambassador is the best college job you’ve probably never heard of. Easy and sometimes-quick money with very flexible hours.

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