Dear High School Graduates, It’s Freshman Year All Over Again

Dear High School Graduates,

Senior year is finally coming to an end and you’re eager to spend this summer with friends and family before flipping the page to a new chapter that may lead you in a different direction than some of your friends.

Before you know it, you’ll be back in classes, spending sleepless nights studying in the library and trying to find a balance between academics and having a social life. It’s freshman year all over again, only this time you’re surrounded by strangers, living away from home and faced with demanding academics that high school didn’t quite prepare you for.

It won’t be long before you discover that you’re on an emotional rollercoaster, but don’t fret— you aren’t the only one.

Here are 6 lessons everyone learns their first year of college.

  1. College is more challenging than high school
    Many of us can admit there were a couple of classes we passed by flying under the radar. We did the bare minimum, waited last minute to finish projects and turn in papers, and got by with flying colors. Those bad habits won’t get you far in college where you’re expected to do a lot of independent work such as research and reading material outside of class. Kick those habits now and start developing organizational skills and new study habits; you’re going to need them.
  2. You will lose contact with some of your friends back home
    This is definitely one of the hardest lessons you’ll learn throughout your college experience and it won’t take long before you realize that some of the people you considered to be your best friends won’t hang around forever. College is a true test of friendships and those who matter will make time, even when it seems there isn’t any. Social media makes keeping in touch easier through things like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to help you keep up-to-date with friends, even if you don’t talk on a daily basis.
  3. Getting involved on campus is very important
    When it comes to college, one thing is certain, they truly mean it when they say there is something for everyone when it comes to organizations on campus to get involved with. Finding an organization to get involved with will enhance your college experience by keeping you busy and also connecting you with other students that share the same interests.
  4. It’s okay to go home for a weekend
    We all dream of the day we’re away from our annoying parents and siblings and on a college campus with other students getting one step closer to our dreams, but the reality is, no matter how badly you’re itching to get away there will come a point where you miss home. If you’re able to, it’s always nice to escape the college culture from time to time to visit with your family and indulge in those home cooked meals that have become a thing of the past.
  5. Not everything you try will work out as expected
    College offers a lot of opportunities from internships, study abroad programs, volunteer work, and more. If you stumble upon something interesting or exciting, take your chances and apply but remember that a lot of these experiences seek students with higher academic standing and experience. Nevertheless, don’t let that keep you from applying because there is always a chance you could land that internship or study abroad opportunity. If you face rejection, be sure to apply the following year once you’ve built more experience.
  6. Time flies by faster
    It seems the older you get, the more responsibilities you have, the faster time flies by. Before you know it, your freshman year of college will be coming to an end and this time next year you’ll be ¼ of the way through your college career. While it’s important to focus on academics, don’t miss out on all the fun in college because soon you’ll be packing your things into boxes again and wondering where all the time has gone.

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