Go Commando App Version 2.0

When the Go Commando App launched, we knew you couldn’t contain your excitement. Over the past couple weeks, many of you have been completing tasks on your campus left and right as campus representatives. But as with any new invention, there are a couple bugs. A new and improved version of the Go Commando App is out and addresses a few big issues.




There was a big issue with emails with two periods in them being declared “invalid” by our system. This issue has been resolved in version 2.0 of the Go Commando App. For those who proceeded by using their personal emails, you can switch to your “.edu” email in your account settings after the update if you haven’t already.




We’ve heard your frustration with the app displaying a “frozen” screen, but good thing you didn’t “let it go”. Rest assured, the page freeze was due to some heavy traffic and has been fixed.

If you don’t see tasks in your marketplace right away, don’t panic. Brands are creating new tasks constantly but you have the ability to take matters into your own hands. Tell your favorite brands to Go Commando on Twitter and get them to start offering you tasks so you can find the campus representative job you’ve always wanted. Get started and download Go Commando for iOS or Android.

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