How Do You Choose A Brand Ambassador?

Choosing a brand ambassador requires a good understanding of what you are trying to accomplish in order for you to clearly identify and to be able find the right person for the job. It can be a difficult task to choose a brand ambassador for your company, but there are some important things to consider that will help guide you through the process. 

With so many college-aged individuals interested in becoming an ambassador, also known as a campus rep, it’s important to be able to weed out those who just aren’t the right fit. Otherwise, the hiring process will become overwhelming. So the question remains how do you choose a brand ambassador? Well, what it comes down to is seeking out a person who has the following traits that will ensure they will excel at promoting your company to their peers. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Familiar With Marketing 

While it is not necessary to only hire students who are business majors, it is imperative to choose someone who is, at the very least, familiar with marketing. Those who have a background in digital marketing can help boost your brand’s presence and overall engagement on various social media platforms. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Social Media Savvy 

Speaking of social media, one of the main requirements of a brand ambassador is to be social media savvy. Your ideal campus rep will already have a decent sized audience on social media. This will make social outreach all that more easier. 

In addition, you will need to make sure that the brand ambassador has regular engagement with their followers and has adopted an authentic voice. Otherwise, when they advertise for your brand, it will read as disingenuous. You may also consider someone who can get creative with the posts. For instance, if your company is a clothing retailer, it  would be in your best interest to hire a fashionable individual who can create unique video lookbooks and upload them on IGTV. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Committed To Your Brand 

Brand ambassadors should be committed to your brand. Even before being hired, your ideal candidate was already excitedly recommending  your company’s products and/or services to their family and friends. 

Further, you should choose a rep who is in alignment with your brand. Think of it this way, if you’re a cosmetic company it wouldn’t be the best idea to hire someone who has never worn makeup before.

Potential customers will be able to tell if  your ambassador is genuinely passionate about your company. There’s a good chance the rep’s authenticity will help increase sales. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Professional 

Due to the fact your brand ambassador is representing your company, it’s important to hire professional individuals. While this may seem obvious, many brand ambassadors are undergraduates and may have never had a job before. Prior to starting the hiring process, you may want to look at the applicant’s social media to get a better grasp of whether or not they are suitable to be the face of your brand. 

Brand Ambassadors Understand Expectations 

You’ll want a campus rep who understands what is expected of them throughout the duration of their ambassadorship. During the interview process, give a detailed description of what their job will entail. After the rep is hired, you will want their supervisor to continually update them with information regarding deadlines and upcoming events. Moreover, you will need to have a discussion regarding compensation. Regardless of what method of payment you choose, you will need to make sure that your rep is satisfied with the agreement. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Charismatic 

As your brand ambassador will be interacting with potentially thousands of clientele, they will need to be charismatic. Basically, you will want to hire someone who is personable and can create a positive environment while leading brand events. In addition, it is worth noting that the more outgoing someone is, the more likely it is that they can engage with larger audiences, both in person and online. 

In conclusion, while your options may seem unlimited due to a high number of applicants, it most likely will not be that easy to find a brand ambassador suitable for your company’s needs. That being said, it is certainly possible. Just be sure to make the effort to hire an individual who has, at least, a majority of the skills listed above.