An Inside Look at PINK’s College Rep Program

PINK, Victoria’s Secret’s sister brand, boasts a sizable, successful college rep program. Over 100 colleges in the United States and some parts of Canada participate in the program. Two brand representatives are carefully selected from each university.

The brand seeks students who are outgoing, engaged on social media sites, interested in fashion, passionate about PINK, and can commit 8 to 10 hours per week to promote the company. The ideal candidate belongs to student organizations (i.e. Greek life or a sports team) and studies communication, marketing, merchandising, fashion, public relations, or event planning.

The application process consists of filling out an online questionnaire and sending in a video describing ways in which the candidate would be an amazing ambassador.

Before applying, one should visit PINK stores, either online or in-person, to become familiar with the brand’s products. In addition, prior to interviewing for the position, be prepared to pitch event planning ideas.  

PINK brand ambassadors have a myriad of responsibilities. Campus representatives promote brand awareness through social media and on-campus interactions. While it is not a requirement for reps to post PINK promotions on their personal accounts, many do regardless. Some ambassadors even publish content on Youtube to talk about their experience working for PINK and to show off PINK merchandise.

Further, ambassadors organize and advertise events held in local PINK stores and on campus.

Reps, also, take weekly surveys and attend meetings to give PINK’s higher ups insight on the latest trends seen on college campuses.

“A campus rep is basically someone who spreads awareness and tries to increase brand loyalty. For example, we just did a panty party, but besides that we also give [out] coupons you can’t get in the store,” explained Meghan Shahroozi, Ohio University 2017-2018 PINK Campus Rep, to her college’s online publication, Backdrop Magazine.

Another responsibility includes recruiting other college students to be a member of a PINK Campus Team. Each team consists of 8 to 10 people. After an application process, these individuals are assigned the positions of Campus Outreach, Event Planner, Pink Collegiate Collection Specialist, Freshmen Liaison, Bra Specialist, Social Media Guru, Photographer, and Pink Nation Pro. In essence, while team members are not brand reps, they help with planning large events and student outreach.

Towards the end of summer, Campus Reps attend a three-day Brand Certification session in at PINK’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. PINK pays for travel and hotel expenses. During the three-day training, PINK reps become associated with company standards, promotions, product launches, and current merchandise.  

In an interview with Odyssey Online, Skylar Beasley, a 2016-2017 PINK Campus Rep at LSU, stated the Brand Certification session gave her “many incredible connections” in the fashion industry.

This specific type of training encourages enthusiasm for the brand and a desire to succeed as an ambassador.

While the position is unpaid, being a campus ambassador has many incentives. In 2017, PINK flew out its campus reps to Palm Springs. Ambassadors also receive plenty of free merchandise.

As of September 2018, PINK has re-launched its free mobile app, PINK Nation. The app focuses on PINK’s Campus Rep Program, providing users with college orientated content and occasionally posts interviews with current reps.

It is important to incorporate mobile elements into Campus Rep Programs, as this is how we are engaging with most things these days. That is why Campus Commandos white labels its Go Commando App to fit many brands Campus Rep Programs.

We will continue to feature a few Campus Rep Programs on our blog and always like hearing from former and current Campus Reps.