Happy National Running Day!

In honor of National Running Day, The Brief wanted to outline some basic reasons why being a runner is awesome, and why college is a great time to start (or continue) the hobby. Some of these reasons include tips, but they’re also just a list of reasons you’re awesome if you’re a runner, or why running could totally change your life. What are you waiting for? Grab your shoes and hit the pavement!

7 Reasons to be a Runner in College - Go Commando App - The Brief

#1 – It’s a great way to explore the campus and your new city.

New places can be hard to get familiar with, and running routes are an excellent way to see new roads, trails, bridges, and other nooks and crannies. To keep things interesting, try a new route every day until you learn what you like and what brings you the most joy. Then, you’ll have lots of places that are good to explore, which lead to new discoveries every once in awhile. We recommend using something like MapMyRun.com to keep track of your routes, and they have lots of suggestions for running routes in cities around the world.


#2 – It’s a great way to make friends.

Most colleges have meetup groups for runners of all different abilities and interests. Do you like lacing up those kicks early in the morning? There’s probably a few other die-hards out there to run with you. Are you more of an “as the sun goes down” kind of athlete? There will be some folks ready to chat about their days with you as the miles pass under your feet. Check with your intramural sports programs to see what’s available at your school for runners. If that’s a no-go, check out Meetup.com.

7 Reasons to be a Runner in College - Go Commando App - The Brief

#3 – You’ll be more conscientious about what you’re putting in your body.

We’ve all heard of the Freshmen 15. It’s true that the college lifestyle lends itself to unhealthy eating habits and foods that are fast and easy. However, if you’re a runner, it’s more than likely that you’ll be careful to think about what you’re putting in your body. No one wants to run around after sloshing down half a pepperoni pizza the night before. Likewise, a runner’s diet is not hard to live up to, and there’s a promise for lots of chocolate milk in it for everyone.


#4 – It’ll make you smarter.

Running increases oxygen to your brain, and your brain uses that oxygen to do things like perform well in class or on tests. It’s a pretty easy equation. Beyond the simplicity of that theory, there are lots of other studies out there that suggest people that partake in aerobic activity have longer attention spans and are more attentive. Lecture halls are a great place for you to decide whether all the hype is real or not.

7 Reasons to be a Runner in College - Go Commando App - The Brief

Photo courtesy of http://gillianeberry.blogspot.com/

#5 – Life is easier when you have a routine.

College is oftentimes the first time a lot of people don’t have a lot of rules and regulations dictating their lives and time. Sure, you might have a job or work-study situation, and you have classes, but you don’t have anyone keeping you in line with eating and functioning like an adult. Running can be your guiding force! Set up a schedule to run at a certain time each day, and then all of your other obligations will find their spot. This will give you a routine that will help you keep on track with all of your responsibilities – it’s awesome! Are you new to running? There are lots of resources out there to help you decide what routine works for you.

7 Reasons to be a Runner in College - Go Commando App - The Brief

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#6 – It’s a cheap way to keep fit.

Running doesn’t require a whole lot of equipment to start. Really, you just need a good pair of shoes (which can be pricey) and some comfortable clothes. That’s it! As you get more involved in the sport, expenses might start accumulating, but you can be smart about it, order a lot of stuff online, and you’re still using nature as your gym. Honestly, other athletes spend lots of money on equipment, team fees, gym time, and other extras that just aren’t necessary for the average runner. It’s kind of perfect for the less financially inclined college student crowd.

7 Reasons to be a Runner in College - Go Commando App - The Brief

#7 – Staying healthy is hard work.

Being a healthy, well-rounded student in college is not an easy task. When you’re a runner, though, you have more energy and you’re more focused. That really helps balance out some of the negative stuff that comes from being a new adult. Likewise, you’re usually eating better and being more careful with your body’s needs, which is also super important to being a productive student. Overall, running is a perfect way to make the hard work of staying healthy in college a little bit easier.

What are your favorite reasons for running in college? Do you have any stories about how running has made a positive impact on you as a student? Any tips for good workouts? Please share in the comments!

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