What Activities Does a Campus Rep Do?

A campus rep completes many activities for brands, both online and offline, that are intended to influence their peers.  Activities are broken out into three categories – market research, recruitment and marketing activities. Here are four of the most common activities performed by a campus rep.  Market Research  Get students’ opinions on your marketing plan […]

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are university students who spread brand awareness through either grass-root approaches or social media campaigns. More and more companies are recognizing that using campus brand ambassadors can make for a successful marketing strategy. Here 3 roles that brand ambassadors, also known as campus reps, typically fulfill throughout the duration of their ambassadorships.  A […]

How Do You Choose A Brand Ambassador?

Choosing a brand ambassador requires a good understanding of what you are trying to accomplish in order for you to clearly identify and to be able find the right person for the job. It can be a difficult task to choose a brand ambassador for your company, but there are some important things to consider […]

How can a brand ambassador promote a brand?

A brand ambassador can help promote a brand  in many ways, including uploading content on social media or through grassroot approaches. Many companies are utilizing these ambassadors, also known as campus reps, to promote their products or services in a more authentic way, as members of the younger generations are distrustful of traditional marketing techniques.  […]

What Is A Campus Rep?

A Campus Rep is a student on a college campus that carries out a series of marketing activities – both online and offline – targeted at their peers.  Campus Rep marketing works well on college campuses because it is no secret that people are more easily influenced by their peers. College students are uniquely impressionable […]

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7 Ways to Market on Campuses According to Students

Marketing to college students can be daunting, especially on university campuses. Young millennials and G-Zens are not typically swayed by traditional advertisements, so companies have to think outside the box. That being said, it is worth the effort. Students who attend universities in the United States have an estimated buying power of $44 billion. Here […]

Apple Campus Rep Program

Apple fanatics rejoice! The company is looking for tech enthusiasts to be their campus representatives.  Apple seeks energetic, dedicated, and motivated candidates who are passionate about educating others about the brand. The company prefers students who excel at time management, are involved with various student groups, and have a marketing and/or sales background.  Typically, applicants […]

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Pura Vita Provides a Perfect Program for College Students

Pura Vita, a clothing, accessory, and lifestyle brand founded in 2010, boasts an impressive 110k+brand ambassadors worldwide. The multi-million dollar company targets college-aged women by offering beautiful, handcrafted bracelets made by 650+ artisans. Pura Vita has partnered with over 174 charities and donates 1% of their proceeds to different causes. Much of the company’s success […]

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