Pura Vita Provides a Perfect Program for College Students

Pura Vita, a clothing, accessory, and lifestyle brand founded in 2010, boasts an impressive 110k+brand ambassadors worldwide. The multi-million dollar company targets college-aged women by offering beautiful, handcrafted bracelets made by 650+ artisans. Pura Vita has partnered with over 174 charities and donates 1% of their proceeds to different causes.

Much of the company’s success has been attributed to the Pura Vita’s devoted brand ambassadors. Certain brand ambassadors’ social media posts on behalf of the company generate tens of thousands of likes and inspire others to join the program. In fact, by advertising through Instagram alone, the company has quadrupled their sales.

“We’ve always looked at finding a way to tell our story,” stated Griffin Thall, CEO of Pura Vida Bracelets. “That means finding people to tell five other people about Pura Vida.”

Pura Vita tends to hire individuals who are active, motivated, and respectful. The ideal candidate is at least 18 years old and has both a Facebook and Instagram account. The company, also, seeks out reps who are passionate about the brand, fashion, and adventure.

Pura Vida reps’ responsibilities include promoting the brand through social media posts and bringing in new clients.

Ariana Afonso, sophomore at Illinois LAS and current Pura Vita brand ambassador, noted utilizing social media is a big part of the job.

“I post [on Instagram] about their products or any promotions that they have,” Afonso shared with The Daily Illini. “And then I get a [10%] commission based on the sales that I get.”

Besides commission paid via PayPal, the company has a plethora of other benefits. In 2018, the brand discovered only 25% of their reps made a single sale. To better motivate sales and keep ambassadors engaged, the CEOs of Pura Vida decided to instate a rewards program. The company structured a new program with four tiers, each offering different prizes based on sales. The four tiers consist of Sand Status, Surf Status, Sea Status, and Star Status. The rewards include original bracelets, exclusive charm bracelets, Pura Vida Staff logo t-shirts, and silver wave cuffs.

Reps also receive access to a 20% exclusive referral code for family, friends, and followers. The brand does have strict rules adhering to the use of the code. Reps are forbidden to post their codes on Pura Vida Bracelets social media posts, wholesale accounts, or coupon sites.

The company wants their brand ambassadors to be as successful as possible. Packets are sent with advice to better promote the product and photos for social media posts are emailed to reps. In addition, Pura Vita’s bracelets are affordable, costing between $2 and $25, making it easier to sell to college students.

The position of Pura Vita brand representative is fun and flexible, perfect for busy university students. There isn’t a penalty if reps are unable to make sales during a given period of time. Further, brand ambassadors view the position as a positive distraction from their studies.

“I’m on the pre-med track and it gives you a little break to do something more fun and not as time-consuming,” stated Ariana Afonso.If you think joining this amazing program is right for you, apply here.