6 Reasons You Should Join Greek Life

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It’s common knowledge that the Greek system isn’t for everyone. However, I wish this wasn’t the case; I truly believe that anyone can become a part of Greek life when you find the one. No, you don’t have to join a sorority or a fraternity to fulfill your college experience, but I am a believer that joining one can only be beneficial.

Partying, drugs, alcohol, trouble… these are the first things to come to mind when some people hear “sorority” or “fraternity.” The reality of it is these things exist in every aspect of the college lifestyle, whether you’re in Greek life or not. It’s pretty unavoidable. The truth of it is, being in a sorority or fraternity is so much more than the negative thoughts associated with it.


Being a part of Greek life, we have a family. We have sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and so on. Our “family line” is the immediate family and the rest of the abundance of people all being our brothers or sisters. This may sound cliché and people may think it’s just putting a label on these people, but I can honestly call my sorority my family. They’re there for me, they always have my back, they’re there to pick me up when I’m down, and they tell me when I’m in the wrong. We may argue, but we always get over it, because that’s just what a family does. I’ve never met such a loyal group of people, and this is something I would never have if I weren’t in a sorority.


As college students, we’re obviously always thinking of the future and where exactly our degree will take us in life. Nowadays, it’s commonly known that many opportunities come from connections. What’s better than sharing a common ground with an employer who was involved in Greek life, or even better yet, the same organization? The alumni base of Greek life is huge and gives so many amazing networking opportunities that we wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.

Reasons to Join Greek Life - Go Commando App - The Brief

Giving Back

Sometimes, it can be tough to find a way to give back to the community or even a certain charity. With Greek life, most every single organization finds ways for the entire sorority/fraternity to get together and make a difference emotionally and physically. This can be done through a simple donation, charity walk, or sometimes something much bigger. The volunteer and charitable aspect of a Greek organization is immense.

Time Management

With the amount of effort and time some put into their Greek organization, it’s inevitable that our time management skills will improve. My first full active semester as a sorority sister, I took on three positions and volunteered whenever possible. This forced me to manage my time wisely between sorority responsibilities, school, work, and friends.

Life Skills

Being in a tight-knit Greek organization, we are able to learn the values of dedication and commitment. We learn to communicate with our sisters or brothers, and if we have an opinion about something, we learn the appropriate time and place to speak up. If we have an idea or suggestion, we learn how to advocate for it. Some of the basic life skills that people don’t always attain as easily are quickly achieved after experiencing Greek life.

Reasons to Join Greek Life - Go Commando App - The Brief


Last, but certainly not least… the endless, greatest, and funniest moments to last a lifetime.

How about you? Are you involved in Greek Life at your university? Why did you join?

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