Selling Your Millennial Skills

Millennials are constantly talked about. You’re the generation that has been analyzed, fawned over, and criticized by countless employers, scientists, and baby boomers. You are seen to have a set of certain skills, but are you using these skills to your advantage?

  1. You’re not just good with technology, you’re great. Because of your vast knowledge of social media platforms, you can help create strategies for a client or your own company. Maybe even volunteer to teach older people in your workplace how to navigate certain platforms.
  2. In all that spare time you have, (yeah, right) freelance your work. If you’re a Java pro, try selling your skills to companies who need a revamped website. Or if you’re a talented content creator and writer, write for that fashion or sports magazine you religiously read. In college? Apply to become a campus representative for a company that fits your interests.
  3. As millennials, you are efficient with your time. Rather than spending a pre-designated amount of time on a project, you understand the time it takes to research the project, thoroughly plan each step, and then execute it. Show yourself and your boss that you will have a difficult project finished in record time – but deadlines are appreciated!
  4. You may appear entitled to others, but it’s really just your beaming self confidence. With this aura, it shows that there is possibility in your actions for the company and you will follow your wildest dreams and passions.
  5. You understand that failure is inevitable. Though mistakes happen, you will bounce back and find a new solution for the problem. You use your failures to build something bigger and better.

With your global view, you’re able to look at situations in the workplace from another perspective. As a millennial, you recognize there is diversity all around us and you embrace it to better yourself and your work.

photo credit: John St John Photography via photopin cc

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