Social Media Awareness: Staying Private, Landing The Job

Social Media is arguably the most and and will be always be the most relevant space invented. It can be used for an abundant amount of situations ranging from personal accounts to advertising to entertainment to even connecting with businesses. There is pretty much no setting where social media isn’t being used. There are a few things most people do not think about when it comes to social media. It’s extremely important to be aware of what you’re putting online and be more cautious of privacy to protect you from certain dangers that lurk the web.

There are a number of cases where people have failed to be careful with what they post onto their social media pages. Some people out there are maliciously looking to cause problems for those particular users. They will find what you post out of vulnerability and try to use it against you. These cyber bullies are all over the internet.   A great way to combat these types of incidences is to reach out to a family member or a friend before seeking online attention, and probably not posting something that could make you a target in the first place. This doesn’t mean stop using your social media, just to be more conscious of what you post.

Social Media Awareness: Staying Private, Landing The Job | The Brief at Go Commando

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The content you create on social media describes you to other people. Whether it be your friends or someone looking to hire you. Businesses have begun to take it upon themselves to search their future employees’ social media pages before hiring them. I would suggest that for users who don’t want to “censor” themselves in how they post, look into privacy settings. Many social media sites are now offering security features that allow only certain people to view your content. It protects the user from being scrutinized. Facebook has extensive privacy settings, while Twitter and Instagram allow you to keep your content private to only your followers.

Social Media Awareness: Staying Private, Landing The Job | The Brief at Go Commando

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Social media is becoming more and more of an imperative knowledge for college students and graduates, especially those planning on working in digital spaces.  Many social networks allow you to find and connect with business and companies of interest and learn more about how to get jobs with them. Websites like Linkedin are becoming a great source in connecting you with people in your field and even being hired from the online resumè it provides.

Social media is making its way to be very important in our everyday lives, and in all aspects of it. The best thing for anyone to do at this point is to gain a better understanding of it and use it to our advantage! Besides, we’ve been using it for this long; how hard can it be?

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