Sony’s Rep Program Hits all the Right Notes

Sony Music U offers an immersive experience for students at 65 US college campuses. The program, established over 50 years ago, allows 75 college students per year to make amazing connections in the music industry and develop desirable, resume boosting marketing skills.  

To be considered for the position of a Sony Music U campus rep, individuals must be enrolled as a full-time undergrad with at least two years left before graduation. This competitive, paid program looks for applicants who have already completed an internship in a similar field or at the very least, have worked at their university’s radio station. Candidates tend to be more successful if they are outgoing, organized, creative, confident, and have clear communication abilities. Most importantly, a passion for music is an absolute must.

The program also prefers applicants who are studying business, marketing, or music.

“I would recommend college students study something related to Business and Marketing, and to be highly aware of the music business, if not focusing on it in their major,” suggested Caylie Landerville, a Sony Music Campus representative from 2016-2018.

Sony Music U requires interns to commit about 20 hours of their time per week to fulfill the needs of this rigorous, yet rewarding program. Campus Reps are supervised by a Sony Marketing Manager. Based on need, reps may be tasked to assist marketing coordinators, music directors, or local record store managers.  

Interns also have the exciting opportunity to promote new artists by creating online campaigns or through the means of more traditional marketing techniques, such as posting flyers around the community. All reps are expected to partner with campus organizations in order to spread awareness for upcoming Sony events.

In addition, reps are asked to use their personal social media accounts to further advertise on behalf of the record label’s emerging artists.

Another Sony Music U campus rep responsibility includes setting up, attending, and writing detailed reports on events. This is a major perk for any music lover.

“I’m going to the lovelytheband and Bastille show because the head of [their record label] wants me to go watch [them]. I write… reports for the label to talk about their demographics and the audience interaction with the band. Like what did the fans react to… I’m so happy with [Sony Music U]. Everything I want to do [with music] I’ve already been doing, but I get paid for it now,” stated Adrianna Dreckmann, a current rep at Webster University.

Former Sony Music U interns attribute their post-graduate success to being apart of the program. As previously mentioned, the music knowledge and marketing expertise acquired from this engaging internship, gives Sony campus reps a leg up on the competition when applying for jobs at either the company or at other record labels. Typically, excelling interns who are near graduating will meet with Sony’s HR department to discuss the possibility of being hired as a full time employee.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Sony Music U… When I became a college rep my eyes were open to how much I loved creative marketing and Sony Music gave me the opportunity to get hands on experience working with some of my favorite artists and labels. My position as Sony Music U rep set me up perfectly with the knowledge and experience to step into my role… at RCA records as Marketing Coordinator. I have the opportunity to not only apply all the skills I gained as a college rep, but now work with Sony Music U reps to execute campaigns I help create on the label side,” explained Brittany Hicks, Marketing Coordinator at RCA records. To apply for this amazing opportunity, visit