Beat The Heat With These Quick Tips

Summer is almost over and the heat is in full swing, here are some helpful tips to beat the heat in every way!

Are you stressed? Do you need to cool off? My favorite scent during stressful times, aka all of college, is eucalyptus. This unique, frozen towel can help you to relax and cool down amid this hot summer. If you prefer, try peppermint or lavender for a relaxing cool. goes into detail about the benefits of eucalyptus. Opposite of cooling off is heating up. My favorite candle smells of Eucalyptus, Chardonnay, Thyme, and Old Books from The Candle Lab in Columbus, Ohio. With that being said, I highly recommend you test out this relaxing, frozen towel during this hot hot hot hot summer.

Summer is Almost Over: Stay Cool With These Tips

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Pool time?  As a full time nanny I spend a lot of time at the pool. The corner of the pool consists of hot nannies. One of which I befriended. She brings a squirt bottle to the pool. I am not sure if it is to keep cool or to spray her kids when they misbehave. Just kidding! We like to keep cool with it. If you want more than water to spirits, check out this peppermint cooling spray. While sitting pool side, sip on some iced tea or suck on a popsicle for an extra cool down. After reapplying sunscreen during the swim breaks, hop in for an adult swim. Enjoy!

Summer is Almost Over: Stay Cool With These Tips

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Need alcohol? There are endless recipes for cold, alcoholic beverages. Here are some delicious boozy slushies. My all time favorite, cool beverage is sangria. I haven’t tried this recipe, but I really want to: If you do, comment and let me know how it tastes! Lastly, my neighbor would take her preferred alcohol, pour it over crushed ice, and top it off with Country Time lemonade powder. You can add sugar to taste. Nothing mixes better than cool, summer drinks and hot weather.


Want dessert? I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Its A classic cool off and you can try it yourself  here. If you want more dessert, This would be fun to make, as well.

If you’re ever in Ohio Drive up/down/sideways to Columbus to check out Griffy Pops. I was downtown for a festival when I discovered these delicious popsicles propped up in front of the State House. The shop is a biking street vendor, pleasing the capital’s community. The sweet desserts are surprisingly healthy for the whole fam! The fruit within give a good source of nutrition. Not in Ohio? Try making your own fruit popsicles! Here’s the  list of Griffy Pops sold this summer in case you need some ideas.

Coffee lovers check out this site, If you’re not into coffee, but want some more cool suggestion check out their recommended beauty products that can cool you off ! You heard right cooling beauty products!

Summer is Almost Over: Stay Cool With These Tips

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Add another cool breeze to your life with some cut up tees. Not only are you staying cool by cutting tees, but also staying cool by reusing old tees. In 5th grade I won a contest for my reduce, reuse, recycle picture I colored. I can’t find that proof, so here is something else to take you back to fifth grade.

If you are STILL overheating… Find some air conditioning. Some free, cool places include local grocery stores, malls, school buildings, college art museums, and school libraries and public libraries.

How do you stay “Cool for the Summer”?

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