The Top Eight Campus Rep Programs

For college students campus rep programs, also known as student brand ambassador programs, are beneficiary for a multitude of reasons. Not only are students able to familiarize themselves with a company, they may also have future opportunities to grow with the brand post-graduation. Additional bonuses include excellent experience to put proudly on a resume, possible compensation, and of course, some serious swag. The sheer number of college rep programs, however, can be a bit overwhelming when deciding on where to apply. Fear not future brand ambassadors, here are the top 8 campus rep programs.


1) Men’s Wearhouse
Men’s Wearhouse exudes authenticity. Before career fairs, campus reps teach fellow college students how to dress professionally, regardless if they are a Men’s Wearhouse customer. At the event, students are given suit measurements and a discount card. Each student ambassador receives a free wardrobe to display at said presentations.


2) Southern Tide
Southern Tide, a South Carolina apparel company, has been hiring creative, adventurous college students to represent their brand since 2008. Student reps use social media platforms to advertise the company’s merchandise. Student ambassadors typically take selfies to post on Instagram while wearing items from Southern Tide while traveling abroad, camping, hiking, kayaking, or performing other adventurous tasks to showcase the brand’s authenticity. Southern Tide’s program allows students to get accustomed to the design business world by connecting with other retailers, scheduling campus events, and occasionally helping design Tide’s gear.


3) Pink
Pink, Victoria Secret’s loungewear sister company, offers student ambassadors the opportunity to develop connections in the merchandising industry and establish event planning skills. Skylar Beasley, student at LSU and Pink campus rep, stated the program has given many incredible connections” and was taught “what it takes to be a successful fashion retailer.” In addition, Kate Ondra, a former Pink, has said of the program, “I really enjoy[ed] interacting with other PINK reps across the country from the PINK campus rep website we all use to communicate with each other. It’s really helpful to see the events and promotions that other reps come up with and share over the website to spark ideas of my own.”

An added perk of the program is that each rep gets a chance to visit the company’s main office in Columbus, Ohio for an in-depth training session. Student rep’s responsibilities include campaigning for the brand on social media platforms and planning promotional events.


4) Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola offers a yearlong paid student rep program. Student ambassadors plan, promote, and execute campus wide events where they give out product samples and hold giveaways on behalf of the company. A former Coca-Cola Kansas University student rep praised the program, relating, “It was a ton of fun and I would recommend any college age student to apply to this program! [The program has] great flexibility and [is] a great way to get involved on your campus.”

In addition, reps, engage with college students through social media to ensure brand loyalty. Coca Cola is also one of the brand’s to incorporate mobile elements into their Campus Rep Program. To apply visit


Starting 2018, GLAAD has expanded their 2-year-old student rep program to 42 states. The program helps establish inclusive programming for LGBTQ college students. Student reps are given the ability to best leverage social media in order to improve communities. Those apart of the program are invited to attend GLAAD’s annual submit with national leaders to receive training as media advocates. “Not only has GLAAD taught me how to amplify my voice, but it’s given me the tools to have my voice be heard,” expressed Leah Juliett, GLAAD student ambassador.


6) Spoon University
Spoon University, an online food and wellness magazine, offers a rep program that expands students’ knowledge regarding marketing, journalism, photography, and social media. Alumnus of the program have work for Google, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, and LinkedIn. Spoon University student rep Mackenzie Patel revealed working for Spoon University “has been great… because Spoon 1) invests in their writers, 2) has an organized internal platform to pitch ideas and write articles, and 3) has leaders that lead Spoon with class and style.”


7) Apple
Not only do student reps for Apple have the opportunity to work for one of the leading tech companies, they receive brand merchandise and extensive training in Cupertino, California. Student ambassadors partner with student organizations, create flyers to promote events, and advertise for the company at campus events. Kendra Nalubega, student ambassador at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, believes the program is “a source of inspiration,” clarifying she “ now [has] chosen to follow an academic path in education technology, especially for language learning.”


8) Kaplan Test Prep
Kaplan Test Prep’s campus brand ambassador program is a paid position perfect for students who plan on taking post-graduate entrance exams, such as the GRE or LSAT. Student reps are granted free access to Test Prep’s books and summer course. Hunter Rizzuto, Kaplan Test Prep’s brand ambassador at the University of Delaware, views the student rep program as motivation to be “the best student [he] can be” and he “loves being apart of Kaplan by helping other pursue their dreams and goals.”


The common thread with all of the aforementioned campus rep programs is that they care about and benefit their workers. When searching for a college ambassador program to best suit your needs look into whether they paid their reps, have perks such as free brand merchandise, and offer extensive training in order to gain experience that will be useful post-graduation. Being able to meet with higher-ups in the company and develop connections are also worth considering before applying.