Case Studies

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Go Commando has helped brands like HP, Samsung, and AIRBAC reach new heights in their campus marketing efforts. Whether it’s a survey, social media engagement, or attending an event, Go Commando makes it happen. Through the app, brands get quick access to a pre-screened, college workforce that is ready to conduct surveys, events, and market research. Check the case studies to see how they did it.

HP Case Study

HP Case Study

First job was submitted within 3 minutes!

Samsung Case Study

Samsung Case Study

Access thousands of students instantly!


AIRBAC Case Study

Get your tasks completed in under 12 hours!


Sharpie Case Study

Create a sampling event that draws crowds and generates social media buzz!

Dean's Dip Case Study

Dean’s Dip Case Study

How do you seamlessly engage over 16,000 people at 15 events and increase social media shares by 576%? With Go Commando App.