It’s time to optimize your Student Brand Ambassador campaigns and programs

The challenges that stand in the way of effective student brand ambassador programs are always the same:

  • Recruitment
  • Task management
  • Communication
  • Verification of completed work
  • Instant and secure payment

Unlike traditional job postings, the Go Commando App taps into an army of pre-screened and verified Brand Commandos ready to accept your task, right now. It also lets you laser-focus your recruiting efforts by allowing you to target every school and every student, or just specific schools and specific students.

Go Commando provides complete transparency during your campaigns. You’ll know immediately if your brand ambassador has completed tasks or is running into trouble. Student brand ambassadors use the iPhone or Android app to verify status and completion of tasks, as well as share pictures of completed work. You’ll get notified that the task requirements are ready for approval, and if you’re satisfied, your ambassadors are paid immediately.

It’s not always rainbows and unicorns though.  When we surveyed our student brand ambassadors they indicated that the number one reason tasks aren’t completed is communication breakdown between the brands and students. We fixed that too. Go Commando allows you to chat with student ambassadors via the app. This instant 1:1 communication allows you to clear up any confusion and keep the program on track.

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