101 Things

Here are 101 things you can do with your Campus Rep Program starting today:


  1. Ask students to create a marketing plan.
  2. Run the concept by students before you execute on it to ensure it resonates.
  3. Ask questions about your industry and use answers to direct your back-to-school marketing plan.
  4. Ask survey questions and use the data in your next blog article.
  5. Ask students to review your new product / website / service.
  6. Campus Intelligence Report – What does a typical day in the life of a student on your campus look like?
  7. Create a focus group.
  8. Select beta testers.
  9. Who is the decision maker on your campus for X, Y, Z?
  10. Use the survey tool as a method of data collection.
  11. Where is the new hottest spring break destination, popular bar, etc?
  12. Have students ask professors questions that they normally wouldn’t be able to answer.
  13. Video testimonials.
  14. Gather intel about local businesses.
  15. Use the survey tool for a simple data entry opportunity at a live event.
  16. Get thousands of multiple choice, checkbox, open box, and more responses fast.
  17. Scale – get students at more campuses.
  18. Students can get your brand involved in a classroom competition for you to identify the best HR talent.
  19. Schedule talks in front of relevant student organizations before you show up for a career fair.
  20. Show a recruitment video in front of hundreds of student organizations during a single day.
  21. Talk to your professor about sharing our position.
  22. Turn your existing summer internship program into a Campus Rep Program in the fall / spring.
  23. Find students who are good at social media posting.
  24. Start a Campus Rep Program now.
  25. Be at more campuses at once.
  26. Collect .edu email addresses for those students interested in learning more about your opening.
  27. Measurement tools to prove work.
  28. Instant gratification! Pay students instantly for their completed work.
  29. Faster response time.
  30. Vetting process.
  31. Create a before / after survey to better understand how people are using the product.
  32. Competitions – Keeps track of how your students are rated on each project across an entire campaign.
  33. Stop chasing reports from your reps! Have them all in one place.
  34. Do more with less staff.
  35. Use one tool instead of multiple.
  36. Go beyond the traditional way of Campus Rep Programs by incorporating technology.
  37. Achieve lower turnover.
  38. Test at a small number of campuses and immediately scale to a larger number upon success.
  39. Allow some flexibility to enter your program.
  40. Have students upload videos of the event(s).
  41. Use a GPS check-in to keep track of students.
  42. Message your students all at once or individually.
  43. Create consistency that you can scale.
  44. Amplify your existing activity by having more students execute on it.
  45. Engage students in the way they are engaging with everything else – their mobile device.
  46. Able to do multiple types of marketing activities – market research, social media, boots on the ground.
  47. Hand out samples of your product to your peers.
  48. Speak in front of a class.
  49. Speak in front of a student organization.
  50. Reserve space on campus for your tour vehicle.
  51. Get your peers to download our app.
  52. Get us involved in the largest event on campus.
  53. Share an article we just posted on our social media accounts to your friends.
  54. Go on our website and post your favorite product to your social media account.
  55. Take a picture of your display in the store to ensure the image you want to portray is being met.
  56. Put up flyers about your upcoming event.
  57. Stencil sidewalk chalkings with #stencilmania.
  58. Impromptu fashion show runway in the Union.
  59. Get front row of your student section and hold up this poster.
  60. Pass out branded moving boxes during moveout week.
  61. Give parents water during move in and tell them about the nearest location to buy what they forgot.
  62. Engage greek life with your idea.
  63. Gather the mailing addresses of Greek Houses then send the houses a surprise and delight package.
  64. Street teams.
  65. Amplify a social media post with more likes, comments, and shares.
  66. Build a student sales team.
  67. Drive student traffic to our existing event.
  68. Get involved in sports on campus.
  69. Help students move in with your brand seen first.
  70. Create custom frisbees and tape gift cards to the bottom of them. Then have your reps throw them around campus.
  71. Get a table on campus.
  72. Create a student organization on campus.
  73. Download your app.
  74. Demo your product.
  75. Pass out samples before the campus movies on the weekends.
  76. Write on classroom whiteboard / chalkboard a specific message.
  77. Pass out noise canceling headphones in library.
  78. Branded static clings in all dorm bathrooms prior to move in.
  79. Stock dorm room fridges prior to move in.
  80. Have students change their Facebook profile and banner images to ones provided by you.
  81. Weekly coupon distribution.
  82. Order pizza to be delivered by students who are wearing your branding in a surprise and delight fashion on campus.
  83. Give students a link to your website with a unique coupon code.
  84. Hire students weekly to engage with students at the dining halls.
  85. Create bookmarks with your information and have students drop them off to their peers studying at the library.
  86. Make a homemade video advertising the product (include the product’s name, uses, benefits, etc).
  87. Create a carnival game that includes the brand’s product and set it up for people on campus to play (ex: beanbag toss).
  88. Photoshop a picture of you with the product’s mascot and post.
  89. Walk around campus with a sign up sheet.
  90. Create an intramural sports team with each opposing team played getting samples.
  91. Take a picture of you in your college gear at a rival’s campus.
  92. Share our song list on Spotify.
  93. Host a shoe lover’s party in a sorority house.
  94. Talk to student organizations about how to put their best suit forward before a career fair.
  95. Sign your peers up during back-to-school for cable / internet.
  96. Pass out samples in the recreation center.
  97. #iworkforcokaca on instagram type posts.
  98. Setup a spin wheel on campus.
  99. Organize a group of students for a pre-screening.
  100. Pass out condoms to your Resident Advisor on your dorm room floor.
  101. Use Go Commando App to execute on your idea!



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