3 Mistakes 95% of Companies Make With Their Campus Rep Program

Fix Your Campus Rep / Student Brand Ambassador Program


Campus ambassador programs have been around for years but why do you see so many start up and go away quickly? Apple, Coca-Cola, and Victoria’s Secret have created and maintained successful Campus Rep programs by hiring students on college campuses in various regions to execute marketing plans to capture the attention of their fellow classmates.

The success of keeping a Campus Rep Program is not having high national brand awareness with with lots of money. Examples include Serengetee and Southern Tide.

At a time when college students are independently making buying decisions and brand preferences, more companies are jumping on board and launching campus rep programs. Many of them make costly mistakes early on that prevent their campus rep programs from thriving.

If your current Campus Rep Program isn’t driving engagement or succeeding as anticipated, chances are you’re making one of three mistakes.


1. Traditional Interview Process Doesn’t Equal Quality Reps


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