Recruit better students, through science.

Reliable College Students? It’s not an oxymoron.

The traditional recruitment process (job boards, etc.) doesn’t get you the best of the best. It gets you some warm bodies.


The Brand Commando recruitment process was built with a scientific approach. By combining our years of campus marketing experience, including recruitment and student management, we’ve developed a list of proven criteria for who makes a  solid student brand ambassador. Then we teamed up with a university psychology department to develop a proprietary survey that identifies reliable candidates. Students who fit our Brand Commando criteria are alerted via push/text/and email about your open position. Now you’re in touch with Brand Commandos ready to tackle your tasks. 

Even if you are not ready for the Go Commando app and all of its great features, you can still get our help recruiting the best college students out there: Our Brand Commandos!

Contact our team today to use our Recruitment Only package. We’ll post one position per month on our Go Commando system and send interested students your way.

$100/Mo. (billed annually)

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