Download the Dean’s Dip Case Study

Dean's Dip Case Study

Discover how to create a positive sampling experience on campus

Too often, sampling events involve someone on a street corner pushing a mini version of the product to people who didn’t ask for it in the first place. It’s a shotgun approach that’s entirely out of the product’s natural context.

But Dean’s Dip knew that the best place to share samples is the environment where their dip gets consumed—tailgate parties and other social events. Dean’s Dip spent the fall semester building excitement for their product using a sampling campaign that integrated social media engagement, surveys, and trackable coupons that could prove ROI.

This case study reveals how Dean’s Dip:

  • Engaged over 16,000 people at 15 events
  • Increased social media shares by 576%
  • Created an unforgettable sampling event that proved the value of their product