How to Run a Successful Campus Rep Program

Starting a campus representative program at different colleges is complicated. You have to tailor your program to the student atmosphere at each campus, taking into consideration factors like greek life, whether students live on or off campus, where students tend to hang out, etc. Though the process can be time consuming, when done properly it has a huge payoff.

Of course, certain concerns about college students arise for employers. Will they respond to your emails? Will they take their role seriously? Are they actually following the guidelines you carefully planned for them? If you create a well thought out program then you won’t have to worry about these questions. Our advice will help your program excel.

  1. Think big and start small. Avoid hiring a large number of interns right off the bat. Many companies mistakenly assume that more reps means more exposure. Not true. It’s easier to monitor and build relationships with a small group, so start by hiring around 10 representatives to and expand from there.
  2. Make your representatives feel important. Give them titles such as “Campus Manager” and “Ambassador” so they can feel satisfied and accomplished when they add this experience to their resume and LinkedIn page.
  3. Offer an incentive. Students won’t commit to your program if they feel like they’re not going to get anything out of it. Offer them commission from their sales, samples of your products, or professional development opportunities. Incentives like these will motivate representatives to perform well.
  4. Stay on top of it. Although most companies create their program with the mindset of it lasting for years, many fail because they are not organized. Develop a long-term plan with goals but be open to suggestions so students feel like they are contributing to the growth of the brand.

Following these simple guidelines will help your brand successfully launch an impactful program that will generate lasting results for both your company and your representatives’ future. You can find more advice for advancing your brand on our blog.