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On Campus Events Post Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected how everyone, including the college marketing industry, conducts business for now and for the foreseeable future.   While many campaigns have switched to a more digitally-focused footprint, we have assembled guidelines for brand ambassadors and guests to continue face-to-face on-campus marketing safely.   Require ambassadors to stay behind their tables, creating a physical […]

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Why is diversity so important in the new age of campus marketing?

Starting a successful campaign in the new age of campus marketing can be difficult to navigate. One of the reasons being is that college-aged individuals, many of whom are members of Generation Z, have a distaste for marketing campaigns that are not inclusive.  In October 2019, the management company, Qualtrics, were backed by Facebook to […]

What does a brand ambassador do?

Brand ambassadors increase engagement for a specific brand either through social media or traditional grassroots approaches. The role of an ambassador, also known as a campus rep, may still be a little vague. Due to this, some companies may be hesitant to start their own ambassador program, as they are not sure how reps will […]

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7 Ways to Market on Campuses According to Students

Marketing to college students can be daunting, especially on university campuses. Young millennials and G-Zens are not typically swayed by traditional advertisements, so companies have to think outside the box. That being said, it is worth the effort. Students who attend universities in the United States have an estimated buying power of $44 billion. Here […]

Pura Vita Provides a Perfect Program for College Students

Pura Vita, a clothing, accessory, and lifestyle brand founded in 2010, boasts an impressive 110k+brand ambassadors worldwide. The multi-million dollar company targets college-aged women by offering beautiful, handcrafted bracelets made by 650+ artisans. Pura Vita has partnered with over 174 charities and donates 1% of their proceeds to different causes. Much of the company’s success […]

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Sony’s Rep Program Hits all the Right Notes

Sony Music U offers an immersive experience for students at 65 US college campuses. The program, established over 50 years ago, allows 75 college students per year to make amazing connections in the music industry and develop desirable, resume boosting marketing skills.   To be considered for the position of a Sony Music U campus […]

An Inside Look at PINK’s College Rep Program

PINK, Victoria’s Secret’s sister brand, boasts a sizable, successful college rep program. Over 100 colleges in the United States and some parts of Canada participate in the program. Two brand representatives are carefully selected from each university. The brand seeks students who are outgoing, engaged on social media sites, interested in fashion, passionate about PINK, […]

The Top Eight Campus Rep Programs

For college students campus rep programs, also known as student brand ambassador programs, are beneficiary for a multitude of reasons. Not only are students able to familiarize themselves with a company, they may also have future opportunities to grow with the brand post-graduation. Additional bonuses include excellent experience to put proudly on a resume, possible […]

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