Why You Need Campus Reps

College campuses are a goldmine of opportunity for your brand. Hundreds of thousands of potential consumers are waiting to be exposed to your product. Entering into the college market can be tough, especially if your brand lacks an existing student audience. You just need the right tools.

Students from campuses across the country are searching for experiences to differentiate themselves from the competition. Campus representative jobs give them the opportunity to gain a unique experience with leadership, communication, marketing, advertising, and sales that they can add to their resume. Meanwhile, they are spreading awareness about your brand and recruiting more sales…which is a major benefit. It’s a win-win for brands and students.

We’re breaking it down to the core benefits of what campus reps can contribute to your brand:

  • Reach a different customer segment. College students are always looking for the next greatest product or brand that they can share with their friends. Campus reps will make sure that you are the next hit by helping you reach thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of new consumers.
  • Generate more sales and brand activity. If college students like your brand then they will use your product frequently making them more likely to talk about it to peers, which increases activity or sales. How happy does that make you?
  • Unpaid advertising. When college students like a brand, they will share it with everyone. They’ll put your brand’s stickers on their laptops and talk about you through online and offline conversations.

With benefits like these, why hasn’t your company developed a campus rep program yet? Of course, not every program succeeds but we’re here to make sure that it does.