10 Movies That Taught Us Everything We Know

Movies of our generation have taught countless vital life lessons. Hey, learning comes in all different shapes and sizes: family, friends, peers, music, books, media, and more. While, common knowledge dictates that televisions said to fry the brains of recent generations. I beg to differ!  Check out the top ten movies that taught us all we know and guide us throughout our entire school life.


10.  Accepted

This movie is about the typical senior who doesn’t get into his parents’ dream school, he doesn’t get into any school, in fact. He lies and says he got into the South Harman Institute of Technology (or complete, SHIT). But when, his parents want to visit this made up school turns into a reality. In the end we all remember, the sky is the limit – just because you don’t get into your dream school – it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve great success.

10 Movies That Taught Us Everything We Know

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9. High School Musical

After singing with a cute boy on New Year’s, a girl transfers schools (which happens to be to the school that same boy attends). Braving the theater, the two sign up for the school musical. They do this despite it being against the ‘status quo.’ In the end, the movie teaches us, we don’t have to stick to the status quo. Be yourself and do what you love, regardless of your peers, whether it’s baking crème brulee or playing the cello.

10 Movies That Taught Us Everything We Know - Go Commando App - The Brief8. Matilda

A young girl who lives a hard home life decides to head to the library for her safe space. During this time and throughout elementary school, she grows immensely. She forms a close relationship with her teacher, which transforms her future. Throughout this movie, the theme is to never lose your thirst for knowledge.


7. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

We all have at least one brutal break up in our life. Whether it’s during the 8th grade school dance, following senior year of high school when two people go separate ways, or during college because one person can’t commit. In this movie, a woman writes for a magazine after feeling inspired by her friend who goes through a breakup. Her goal is to “date” a guy and then lose him by making stereotypical mistakes that women make in relationships. Her plan does not go as expected. Here we learn not to go into any situation with expectations.


10 Movies That Taught Us Everything We Know - Go Commando App - The Brief

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6. Easy A

We all have used our parents or guardian as an excuse not to hangout with people. Instead of using the, “I am not allowed excuse,” a 17 year old girl tells her friend she can’t hang out because she has a date. One small lie turned into another which turned into another which turned into another and so on. Before she knew it, she “lost her virginity.” Bottom line: never lie.


8 Reasons I Don’t Miss High School… As Told By Mean Girls - Go Commando App - The Brief

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5. Mean Girls

A girl goes from being home schooled to popular in a public high school. At some point in the movie, a student hooks up with a gym teacher . This same gym teacher also gives the students a sex talk. He says, “Don’t have sex, ‘cause you will get pregnant and die.” Although we should all make smart choices, the reality is that we should be responsible because college (and the rest of our future) rocks.

10 Movies That Taught Us Everything We Know - Go Commando App - The Brief

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4. She’s the Man

A girl wants to prove to her boyfriend that she can play soccer just as well as he can. She pretends to be her brother at college while he is away fulfilling his band’s dream. By the end, it is obvious the theme is that girls rule. They can do anything boys can do. #IsThisWhatAFemistLooksLike

10 Movies That Taught Us Everything We Know - Go Commando App - The Brief

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3. 22 Jump Street

During this movie, two undercover cops head to a college campus. While trying to bust crime, they end up getting mixed into trouble. Just don’t do drugs.

10 Movies That Taught Us Everything We Know - Go Commando App - The Brief2. Billy Madison

A man wants to take over his dad’s company but he has to prove to his dad he can make it through primary school without his father bribing the school to save him. While in school, he teaches some kid to cherish his time, he goes on to explain that you should never grow up and don’t wish away your life.


1. John Tucker Must Die

A handful of girls find out they’re dating the same boy in high school. They meet up with a girl who knows a lot of “Skips,” or men who don’t stick around long and generally suck. She tells the group of girls, “Don’t get mad. Get even,” Those are certainly some words to live by. 

Feel a need for laughter since you’re now feeling nostalgic?  check out this video, “What Movies Taught Me About Love.” 

What life lessons have you learned from the movies?

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