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What Companies Have Campus Rep Programs

Worldwide, national, and even local companies participate in campus rep programs; they can be product-focused, service-focused, for-profit, nonprofit, startup, established, or any other type of organization. Campus rep programs are an effective way to market your product or service on college campuses by putting your company’s advertising in the hands of a student’s peers. College […]

How to build a Campus Rep Program

To build a campus rep program you will need to determine your ideal student/hire, your ideal timeframe for the campaign, and your ideal message. Each company may have unique needs, but answering those three main questions is a great start when learning how to build a campus rep program. Let’s consider each part of the […]

How to Measure a Campus Rep Program

Most campus rep programs are managed using technology built into smartphones and social media apps. Tools such as hashtags, unique links, and QR codes have made measuring campus rep programs easier than ever. Before smartphones you mailed a lot of the tools used for measurement, like cameras or even a notepad to use. Remember, how […]

How to compensate your Campus Reps

There are many ways to compensate campus reps, the most common way being traditional compensation: cash. If you cannot afford to directly compensate your campus reps, there are other forms of compensation such as providing the student with free product, continued education, or a full-time offer after graduation. You can also get creative with more […]

How do you manage Campus reps?

One of the most effective ways to manage campus reps is through their smartphone or mobile device. By communicating through a mobile device, your company can expect faster response times and an easier way to monitor your campus reps.  Almost all (97%) of the nearly 80,000 respondents in a SnapChat survey indicated they own a […]

How do you train Campus Reps?

Campus reps need multiple types of training to be successful, including instructional, role-playing, and continuing education. Consider involving your past campus reps in the training process – who better to train someone than an individual who has already held the job? It’s also important to have follow-up training throughout the semester. All people, but especially […]

How do you find Campus reps?

Finding a campus rep often occurs through online and offline recruiting methods on college campuses. The four most common ways to find campus reps are to utilize your existing reps’ network – or put another way, an employee referral program; develop relationships with universities’ career services offices to recommend students; post the opening on a […]

What Activities Does a Campus Rep Do?

A campus rep completes many activities for brands, both online and offline, that are intended to influence their peers.  Activities are broken out into three categories – market research, recruitment and marketing activities. Here are four of the most common activities performed by a campus rep.  Market Research  Get students’ opinions on your marketing plan […]

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are university students who spread brand awareness through either grass-root approaches or social media campaigns. More and more companies are recognizing that using campus brand ambassadors can make for a successful marketing strategy. Here 3 roles that brand ambassadors, also known as campus reps, typically fulfill throughout the duration of their ambassadorships.  A […]

How Do You Choose A Brand Ambassador?

Choosing a brand ambassador requires a good understanding of what you are trying to accomplish in order for you to clearly identify and to be able find the right person for the job. It can be a difficult task to choose a brand ambassador for your company, but there are some important things to consider […]