Apple Campus Rep Program

Apple fanatics rejoice! The company is looking for tech enthusiasts to be their campus representatives. 

Apple seeks energetic, dedicated, and motivated candidates who are passionate about educating others about the brand. The company prefers students who excel at time management, are involved with various student groups, and have a marketing and/or sales background. 

Typically, applicants go through numerous phone interviews before officially being hired on. During the phone interviews, candidates are tested on their knowledge of Apple software and products. Applicants may also be asked how they will specifically promote Apple products on their campus.

Once hired, campus reps need to be able to commit to 10 to 14 hours a week. Depending on business needs, work may be needed to be done on weekends and holidays. Working during the summer months is non-negotiable. 

Unlike some other campus rep programs, Apple ambassadors are paid $10-11 per hour. The company may also provide a laptop or another form of swag, including an iPhone, iPad or iWatch, as additional incentive. 

In order to be a campus representative, students must be enrolled in a four year university. To be considered for this position candidates must also be available to travel on May 30th through June 1st for Campus Rep Program Training in Cupertino, California. 

Brand ambassadors are also expected to have strong verbal communication skills and the ability to lead formal presentations in front of peers and professors. In addition, reps must plan events on campus, man promotional tables, run workshops about Apple software, and engage with student organizations. As performing demonstrations and offering tech support are essential skills for the job, reps must be proficient in Quicktime, Mac Basics, Mac Apps, iLife, and iWork. 

Reps may also be required to distribute flyers on campus, create and run competitions, and collaborate with the college’s Academic Technology Services. 

Campus Ambassadors must attend mandatory meetings with regional directors.

Those who have worked as Apple campus reps give the program rave reviews. 

“This program became a source of inspiration for me; I have now chosen to follow an academic path in education technology, especially for language learning! I look forward to starting my career in the future because Apple has shown me endless possibilities,” noted Kendra Nalubega from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Jacob Harmon from Brigham Young University shared similar sentiments about his time as an Apple campus ambassador. 

“Working as a Lead Campus Rep has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s rare to do something that you truly love. The program has given me the training and tools that I need to progress and grow as an individual. One of my goals in life is to make a difference. At Apple, what I do matters and makes a difference,” said Jacob. 

Many campus reps assert the program helped them learn valuable skillsets.

“The Campus Rep program not only allowed me to go beyond just learning about how to become a leader today, but it gave me the determination and drive to see my goals come to life,” explained Esther Cho of UC San Diego. 

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