Social Media Rundown for Brand Commandos

Brand Commandos (a.k.a. Campus Representatives) walk a fine line between getting their message across and filling social media quotas without annoying their friends and followers. It’s all too easy to lose the following that gives you value simply by promoting a brand the wrong way.

Here’s our guide to a happy medium.

Have a Voice

Don’t lose yourself. Stay witty and sarcastic as usual, just target your brand instead of Beyonce’s newest music video. People listen to you because they like your voice, so approach the brand in the same way.

Be Different

Brands spend plenty of money on giant billboards and in-your-face commercials. So skip tweeting your brand’s existence, and amp up their reputation instead. Focus more on how the brand could impact the lives of those in your network.

Change it Up

It’s not enough to always say the same thing, over and over, a hundred times a day. Use different phrasing, different words, different links to pop culture. What didn’t speak to one person might grab the attention of another. And every new lead counts.

Give ‘Em News

Offer new content that people would actually want to know regardless of the brand. That forms a connection of information between you and your network. Link that connection with your brand, and you subtly transfer your following to your brand’s following. It’s subtle, but it works.

photo credit: oggin via photopin cc

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