6 Powerful Ways Mobile Technology Propels Your Campus Marketing

6 Powerful Ways Mobile Technology Propels Your Campus Marketing

Mobile technology has integrated into every aspect of millennials’ lives. Has your campus marketing integrated into mobile technology as well?

Many brands are trailing behind the lifestyles of college students because they haven’t figured out how to successfully adopt the tremendous opportunities that mobile technology provides. But brands that leverage mobile can propel the success of their campus marketing campaigns.

Here’s how mobile can impact your campus marketing program.

Reach millions of students within seconds

Mobile technology can give you instant access to hundreds of college campuses across the country, reaching millions of students. This is the most connected generation in the history of the world. Millennials know the instant they’ve received a text, push notification, email, tweet, or status update—and they reply within seconds. In fact, text messages have a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. The opportunities mobile technology provides for improving your brand’s campus marketing are enormous.

And because students never go anywhere without their mobile devices, wherever they are, you are.

At Go Commando, our clients have had campus marketing tasks accepted as quickly as 15 seconds after sending, and some jobs have been completed within 48 hours.

Review and approve students’ work immediately

Mobile devices allow student brand reps to prove their work in real time by sending photos or videos. Brands can approve the students’ work immediately and issue payment right away. Getting paid quickly is a huge incentive for brand ambassadors, which keeps your best brand reps engaged with you to do more work.

Work directly with student brand ambassadors

Thanks to text messaging and email, you can communicate directly with your student brand reps, without a middleman. This dramatically cuts back on miscommunication, confusion, and unawareness of what your brand ambassadors are doing. Real-time chat lets you solve problems and answer questions in the middle of a marketing event, so minor snags don’t become major pains.

The Go Commando app has a chat feature that’s designed specifically for this reason, so that you can get the highest value and achieve success with each campus marketing campaign.

Leverage multimedia like never before

The tech you take everywhere opens up all kinds of doors for taking your campus marketing to the next level with multimedia. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Have brand reps send you photos or videos for you to approve their work.
  • Include photos or videos in the assignments you send to brand reps. Visuals create higher engagement and increase student interest.
  • Take advantage of social media.
  • Have student brand reps take photo and video documentation of store displays so you can make sure that your products are properly displayed in stores.
  • Encourage student-generated content to promote your brand, such as videos and social posts.

Easily collect data

Mobile devices make it easy for your student brand ambassadors to collect data and upload it to a database. Brand reps can use their phones or tablets to conduct consumer surveys or gather market data on campus. And you can use the data the moment it’s collected.

Millennials are at home on mobile!

College students are constantly on their mobile devices—in class, at parties, and while they’re studying. Mobile technology is second nature to millennials, and they’re often more comfortable using mobile apps than other options, when given a choice—1 in 5 accesses the internet exclusively through mobile devices. If you’re not taking every opportunity to leverage mobile technology for your campus marketing activities, you’re leaving money on the table.

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