Bumble’s Brand Ambassador Program Has College Students Buzzing

Not only is Bumble one of the most successful dating apps, it also boasts an amazing and competitive brand ambassador program. 

The Austin based company was founded in 2014 and launched its international campus rep program in 2016. 

 When choosing campus reps, the dating app, that was made by women for women, looks for intelligent, empowered, and confident female undergraduates who are looking to gain marketing experience. Bumble also offers opportunities for post-grads and community members, called Queen Bee. 

Once hired on, Bumble campus ambassadors, aka a honeys, are responsible to advertise the brand on social media, participate in community outreach, and plan events. That being said, Honeys are encouraged to take creative control with how they market the dating app on their campus.  In fact, campus reps are rewarded for coming up with unique marketing techniques. For this reason, some Honeys will take it upon themselves to dress up in bumble bee costumes and pass flyers out around on their campus. 

“We do fun, marketing based stunts to spread the word of Bumble. We’ve been giving out yellow roses outside the Union, handing out Bumble merchandise –  they’ve got some seriously cool stuff – and we sponsored the Leeds RAG Take Me Out. It’s great as you can put your own spin on things and be as creative as you want,” said Sophie Wimble, a former honey at Leeds University. 

Some reps even host single parties on behalf of Bumble. These parties are sometimes hosted off campus or at sorority house. At the shindigs, honeys hand out free swag, including bandanas and wristbands, to their fellow students. 

For busy college students, the brand ambassadorship  makes for an excellent part-time job. According to Chiraz Hamdi, who was a Honey in 2016, the hours are flexible and can easily fit into a hectic schedule. If reps are unable to perform certain tasks due to their heavy coarse work, management is understanding.

Like the app, Bumble’s campus rep program allows students to make important connections. Instead of finding someone to date, however, Honeys are able to network with individuals who may help them out with their future business endeavors

“Bumble can be an incredible tool for college students to meet someone,” explained Samantha Fulgham, Bumble’s chief creative marketing officer in a 2016 email. “Bumble has users across all age groups, and college-aged students definitely make up an integral part of our entire community.”

Bumble also compensates each Honey accordingly at the end of every month. Some even receive monthly bonuses, based on how many people they were able to get to download the app.  Deserving ambassadors also have the chance to go on an all-expense paid trip.

Not only that, but all campus reps are given free swag, such as trendy T-shirts and cups.

Recently, the program has become increasingly popular as being a social media influencers and/or managers have become lucrative career opportunities. Simply put, it’s now considered cooler than ever to market for brands, especially on Instagram or Twitter.

It also helps that college students seem to already love the app, making marketing on campuses all that much easier.

If you think you’re ready to become a honey, be sure to apply here