How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Writing the perfect cover letter is kind of like singing: You know how the song goes, but getting your diaphragm to cooperate is another story. Except when you sing with champagne. Champagne gives everyone the voice of an angel.

So think of this post as your very own bottle of bubbly. You’re welcome.

Keep your cover letters to one page, just like your resume. Include the company address, return address, and date before the salutation – even if you are emailing it. It shows that you have an understanding of traditional business communication.

Address the letter to the person who will most likely read it. If you don’t know who that is, find out! There is no need to introduce yourself by name in the first paragraph. That’s what your signature is for. Instead, use your introduction to tell them why you are interested in the position and to officially request an interview.

Relevant Experience
There is no need to repeat all of your experience in your cover letter; your resume has already proved that you’re qualified. It should describe why you would fit well into the company. Consider two to three characteristics that you and the company share, then draw on (measurable) academic or professional experiences, maybe as a brand ambassador!

This last bit should be very short. Write one to two sentences that reiterate your interest in the position and then repeat your request for an interview. Include an image of your signature above your name to add a personal touch.

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