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Get Ahead By Building Your Personal Brand

Reaching your dream job requires you to work work hard, be persistent and put yourself out there. Doing so now will help you get ahead by building your personal brand and will also help you secure a job after graduation when you’re ready to hit the workforce full speed. According to NACE’s 2016 Job Outlook […]

More Than Your Resume: How To Talk About Job Experience

You applied for the job and now you’ve got an interview! Congratulations! Now what? Chances are, the interviewer will ask about your goals, aspirations, and where you see yourself in five years. And you can bet that they’re going to ask about your employment history/previous work experience. As a young college student, it can be […]

Social Media Awareness: Staying Private, Landing The Job

Social Media is arguably the most and and will be always be the most relevant space invented. It can be used for an abundant amount of situations ranging from personal accounts to advertising to entertainment to even connecting with businesses. There is pretty much no setting where social media isn’t being used. There are a […]

How to Use LinkedIn in College

Maybe you’ve created an account on LinkedIn and made some contacts, but haven’t really been active on it on a weekly basis. Maybe you’re not on there at all. This is a HUGE mistake for college students (or anyone in the job market). Don’t slack on your presence on LinkedIn – if you don’t want […]

Make the Most of Your Breakroom Relationships

For college students, summer internships are hard to come by…who am I kidding? Any internship is hard to come by, especially one that relates to whatever career you aspire to have in the future. After countless the hours of searching, interviewing, and crying over your dream internship, becoming a house spouse to a rich doctor becomes […]

5 Foreign Languages to Learn in 2016

In high school, foreign language was a requirement. Each option had stereotyped associations: French was “the language of love,” German was aggressive, Spanish was an easy A, Russian was the blossoming student of communism, Italian was hot girls, food and cars. The list could go on, but the whole scenario changes in college. Suddenly German […]

10 Books Every College Student Should Read

I know what you’re thinking: Ok here’s another list extolling the virtues of the same old books you just have to read or you will apparently fail miserably as a human being (insert eye roll here): The Great Gatsby, 1984, A Clockwork Orange, To Kill a Mockingbird…. And there are about 1,853 other lists out […]