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Technology is an ever-changing element in society. Every year we see phones getting thinner and more complex while computers getting smaller and more powerful. We also see technology such as virtual reality games and products like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These technologies are extremely important to our lives as students because they create new jobs and fields for us to work in. After some research, I have taken current technologies and morphed the idea into the perfect workplace technology to save us time and make us more efficient.

A great tech device that could make for effective workplace technology would be a watch. There are already things like the Apple Watch and the Fitbit, but what it if was capable of more? Imagine a device that is capable of doing all your planning and organizing you need done before, during, and after work. The watch would be capable of a number of functions that can be used to make your life more productive and purposeful. This watch would be perfect for someone working in a freelance setting. The Apple Watch already shows a lot of progress in this field.

Technology In The Workplace - The Brief

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One of the primary functions of such device would be the ability to detect the energy levels in your body and provide easy and practical ways to provide your body with the energy and vitamins to tackle the day. Mix the science behind the Fitbit telling you to stand up and the Apple Watch monitoring your heart. Imagine a day a work where everyone is at their full potential: being super productive, social, friendly, and full of energy because they were able to monitor the essential vitamins to get them through work? It would make the workplace a lot more pleasant for everyone.

Because this watch would be connected to your workplace, an additional function would be the ability to clock in or mark your time when you have made it to your office or you begin doing work for a freelance position. This would increase timeliness for those who work on a campus, and improve accuracy for those who work hourly freelance positions. . Being able to use location tracking would also be a great feature for those working onsite.  No more hassle with time sheets or online management systems, and even clocked out when you leave the office for the day. This device could change the perspective you have on jobs in general. It could make you look forward to the next day because it no longer feel like a chore, it would feel like a productive day to be at work.

Technology In The Workplace - The Brief

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This device could change the entire way people live their lives. Implementing the use of a watch with numerous capabilities is the first step in making the workplace more versatile. If this device can make your job a more enjoyable experience, imagine any other aspect of your life that can be managed at such ease.

Right now, the closest thing to this is the Apple Watch. As college students we can’t always afford a watch with such a hefty price tag, so looking out for the best duplicate is really important. The Daily Dot has tested out a handful of them with prices more in our range. Check them out here!

Technology In The Workplace - The Brief

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Are you interested in a watch that does all this and more? How do you think it would improve your experience as an employee somewhere?

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