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More Than Your Resume: How To Talk About Job Experience

You applied for the job and now you’ve got an interview! Congratulations! Now what? Chances are, the interviewer will ask about your goals, aspirations, and where you see yourself in five years. And you can bet that they’re going to ask about your employment history/previous work experience. As a young college student, it can be […]

Technology For The Workplace

Technology is an ever-changing element in society. Every year we see phones getting thinner and more complex while computers getting smaller and more powerful. We also see technology such as virtual reality games and products like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These technologies are extremely important to our lives as students because they create new […]

Netflix To Binge Now

Netflix users know there is no shortage of hot picks on Netflix: “Orange is the New Black,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Gossip Girl,” “American Horror Story,” “House of Cards” and more. Here are the other shows to seriously binge on in college. Luckily, all of these series are super mindless. If you fail this […]

6 Ways to Make Extra Cash in College

College is a time for studying. Well, that’s mostly true but it’s also time to learn about yourself. To really develop the person you’re going to be in the future. Studying is part of that equation, but so is traveling, partying, making friends, and working. Most things in life don’t come for free, so as […]

App Love: Hookups to Relationships

Dating apps have become the single person’s savior. There are so many of them that continue to pop up it is almost impossible nowadays to not meet any new people. They’ve revolutionized the dating game and have made finding new partners that much more convenient and easy. From Tinder to Grindr everybody is bound to […]

National Innovation Day: 10 Student Innovators to Inspire Your Next Project

These days, it seems like there is a freaking “day” for everything: National Donut Day, National Hug Day, etc. But today is not just another “day” like that: February 16th is National Innovation Day and celebrates innovators all over striving to change the world. But it’s not just Nobel Prize winners, or renowned scientists, or […]

7 Must-Have Apps That Will Make Life Easier

We live in a world where technology has become integrated into our daily lives. It’s the go-to for communication, absorbing the news and seeking entertainment. Apple and Android offer an overwhelming number of applications that can enhance our daily lives. Here are 7 applications that make student lives easier when it comes to finance, studying, […]

Go Commando App Version 2.0

When the Go Commando App launched, we knew you couldn’t contain your excitement. Over the past couple weeks, many of you have been completing tasks on your campus left and right as campus representatives. But as with any new invention, there are a couple bugs. A new and improved version of the Go Commando App […]