It’s Time to Go Commando!

Prepare yourselves… Campus Commandos’ Go Commando App is here! The Go Commando App pairs big name brands with the enterprising, tech-savvy millennial base. College students are provided with the opportunity to be campus representatives- or as we call them, Brand Commandos. Download now from the App Store and Google Play!

The app allows college students to accomplish three major things:

  1. Complete tasks by connecting with popular brands who need representation on college campuses.
  2. Get paid real money for completing brand tasks.
  3. Earn real world marketing experience that will look great on a resume.

If you kept up with us throughout development, you know all of this! After you download the app, fill out the questionnaire, and fill in your secure payment information, you can start Going Commando. If a task doesn’t appear in your dashboard right away, don’t worry. Our brands develop new tasks all the time but for the moment tasks will only be available in certain locations. Make sure to check back often to see when new tasks are ready!

If you need a walkthrough, we have a tutorial post to help you out. If you have any questions about the app, check out the FAQs and if your issue continues, please email us at For brands who want to connect their product or brand with college students across the country, contact us to find out how the Go Commando App and our Brand Commando’s are the team you need.

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