What does a brand ambassador do?

Brand ambassadors increase engagement for a specific brand either through social media or traditional grassroots approaches. The role of an ambassador, also known as a campus rep, may still be a little vague. Due to this, some companies may be hesitant to start their own ambassador program, as they are not sure how reps will exactly benefit their brand. To help clarify any confusion in this article we will be getting into the specifics of what is typically expected of a brand ambassador. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Creative Marketers 

One of the key aspects of a successful brand ambassador is being a creative marketer who can best promote a company. For example, the popular dating app Bumble actually rewards their ambassadors for thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing. 

“We do fun, marketing based stunts to spread the word of Bumble. We’ve been giving out yellow roses outside the Union, handing out Bumble merchandise –  they’ve got some seriously cool stuff… It’s great as you can put your own spin on things and be as creative as you want,” explained Sophie Wimble, a former Bumble campus rep at Leeds University. 

In addition, some Bumble reps will wear bumble bee costumes while handing out flyers to fellow students. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Social Media Influencers

An ideal brand ambassador also has a strong social media presence and can curate engaging content on behalf of the company. The rental clothing company Rent The Runway actually seeks out candidates who already have experience with social media marketing. Those who are the right fit are entrusted with uploading content to the Rent the Runway On Campus Instagram page. 

Similarly, the clothing and accessory company Pura Vida’s reps are tasked with promoting the brand’s products and promotions on their own social media accounts in order to boost sales. 

Brand Ambassadors Assist With Events 

Another major role for many campus reps is assisting in the organization of events. For instance, brand ambassadors for the clothing retailer PINK regularly plan and host functions at the local stores or on campus. At these events, reps will typically give out exclusive coupons, which is a successful sales strategy. 

Bumble also has similar expectations for their ambassadors. Sometimes reps will hold parties at sorority houses where those in attendance are offered free swag to promote brand loyalty. 

In addition, Sony’s ambassador program,  Sony Music U, have their reps go to music events. Ambassadors must also provide a report detailing what occured at the concert.

“I’m going to the lovelytheband and Bastille show because the head of [their record label] wants me to go watch [them]. I write… reports for the label to talk about their demographics and the audience interaction with the band. Like what did the fans react to,” noted Adrianna Dreckmann, a Song Music U ambassador from Webster University. 

Brand Ambassadors Are Educators  

It is necessary for companies to hire ambassadors who are genuinely passionate about their products, as reps are often tasked with teaching potential clients about the brand. Take Apple for instance. Their brand ambassadors are responsible for leading presentations, workshops, and demonstrations about Apple software.

Brand Ambassadors Make Lasting Connections 

It’s incredibly important for brand ambassadors to not only seek out new customers, but to also make lasting connections. While this can effectively be done through social media posts, some companies will have their reps partner with on-campus organizations and local businesses. Due to this, it is also in a brand’s best interest to hire candidates who are enthusiastic and personable, ensuring that each encounter with a potential client is a positive one.