6 Social Media Blunders That Could Cost You the Job

Employers are becoming tech savvy and turning to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn more about prospective hires. Even if they aren’t your Facebook friend or Twitter follower your boss, colleagues, and prospective employers can see the content you share online.

With that said, it’s important to be aware of your image across various social media platforms and filter the content that is posted by you and your friends. Here are 6 social media blunders that could cost you the job.

    1. Leaving your profile open to strangers
      If your social media accounts aren’t already set to private, now is a good time to the make the adjustments. Leaving your profile open to strangers gives them access to your personal life and everything you post or share online. This can hinder your job search if your profile is flooded with inappropriate content.
    2. Displaying unprofessional profile photos
      Photos alone can be detrimental to your job search. Posting inappropriate photos of a night out drinking with friends (even if you are 21) is unprofessional and sends out a bad image to potential employers. Be cautious of the images you post or share on your accounts to ensure that you maintain an image that is friendly and inviting to everyone because you never know who may be watching.
    3. Displaying bad work behavior
      Bragging to your friends about getting away with being late for work (yet again) or posting online when you should be working aren’t wise or worth the negative influence they leave on the prospective employers scouting your social media profiles.
    4. Allowing friends to post unprofessional comments
      So your social media accounts are private and you’re cautious about the content you share online. Don’t forget that things your friends post online with your name attached can be just as harmful. Be sure to filter content you’re tagged in. Even if your accounts are private, anyone can see the content you’re tagged in.
    5. Bashing current or previous employers/colleagues
      Regardless of how much you hate your job or don’t get along with your colleagues, keep it professional. It’s important to keep a professional demeanor at all times. Don’t make social media your diary of angry rants because it may just backfire. Doing so may show prospective employers that you are incapable of working in a team or lack respect for authoritative figures.
    6. Complaining and spreading negativity
      Hate your job? Don’t make the mistake of complaining about it online. Keep complaining to a minimum and don’t be a Negative Nancy. Employers don’t just seek candidates who display the necessary skill set to the job done, but candidates who carry a positive and optimistic can-do attitude. They want team players and problem solvers, not complainers or excuse makers.

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