How to Ruin Your Online Reputation in 5 Minutes or Less

Why Your Campus Rep Campaign Should Only Take You 2 Hours

We live online – the places we go, people we see, things we do, and even the food that we eat gets uploaded and shared all over the internet. But if you aren’t careful about what you are sharing with the world, it might come back to haunt you. As you begin to move into the professional world after college, your online reputation will factor into how potential employers view you, what kind of jobs you can get, and can even factor into your personal life (just imagine your future mother-in-law watching that Youtube video of you getting drunk and microwaving fireworks – yikes).

We’ve all heard that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only minutes to destroy one. Here are 4 ways to wreck your rep online in only 5 minutes or less (AKA, what NOT to do).


Go Public

Set all of your social media sites to public. Having a private life that no one can see if just dull. Celebrities live in the public eye and they never seem to have a problem with it, right? If you’re going to make a name for yourself and want future employers, family, and 1,500 German strangers to have access to your parties, changing relationship status, drunken photos, and your furious Twitter rants, you’ll probably want to make sure nothing is set to…cringe, private!


Don’t Worry – Because It’s All Temporary, Right?

This is what Snapchat was made for! Whatever you feel like sending out is 100% safe because after a few seconds it will disappear forever! No one will ever think to take a screenshot of the things you send or get an app that takes secret screenshots to share online later on! So we say go ahead and send those risky photos – they won’t come back and harm you. We promise.


Post with Wild Abandon

Do you have a controversial opinion about something? Share it. Feuding with someone on Twitter? Don’t hold back. If you stop and take the time to consider how it might reflect on you or how it might be misunderstood, you’re just wasting time. Sure you could pause before each post to think about later implications, but that would be too responsible and boring.


Get Personal

You got your new driver’s license in and wow… you’ve succeeded in taking a photo that is so fierce Tyra Banks would cry. What is the only next step? Post that baby on Instagram! It doesn’t matter that your personal information will be out there for the world to see – it would be a crime to not share. Sharing is caring, so if you happen to get a glossy new credit card, don’t forget to #humblebrag about that sucker too!

Note: In case you missed the sarcasm, you should absolutely NOT do any of the things listed in this post.

No one is suggesting you avoid the internet and forego social media. Instead, we suggest you learn how to use it in a responsible manner that protects your valuable reputation. After all, you only have one and online, it will lasts forever.

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