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What They Don’t Tell You About Being a DC Intern

Robert De Niro did it. Elle Woods did it, even Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn did it. They all  landed a sweet internship. Now, I am by no means an expert on internships, but I do have experience with one particular creature of internship–the DC summer internship–and I’m here to tell you what they don’t […]

What You Don’t Know About Living in a Sorority House

I was never a girl who thought about joining a sorority and becoming part of the Greek Life Community. My whole life I was an introvert. I enjoyed having one or two best gal pals so I enjoyed my clubs and organizations, always thinking it would be enough. I guess I felt something was missing […]

A College Love Triangle to Learn From in music

(Originally titled, “This draft is a mess, just like my love life”) Here I present the typical college love triangle, described by music. First, a boy and girl magically fall in love senior year of high school. Plot twist, the girl is me. It seemed like fate. We met at summer camp as eight year […]

Baring All: Go Commando App Chats with College News

Our team chats with College News on the value of brand ambassadorships, curbing student debt, and raising eyebrows. The application is a win-win for both brands and students. Companies who utilize the app benefit because it allows them to immediately connect with students and send them out on marketing tasks and gather information from students […]