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Social Media Rundown for Brand Commandos

Brand Commandos (a.k.a. Campus Representatives) walk a fine line between getting their message across and filling social media quotas without annoying their friends and followers. It’s all too easy to lose the following that gives you value simply by promoting a brand the wrong way. Here’s our guide to a happy medium. Have a Voice Don’t lose […]

Asking for a Letter of Recommendation

You don’t just want any recommendation letter; you want a well-written and complimentary recommendation letter. And to make sure that happens, you have to approach your contacts in just the right way. After all, you can’t exactly write one yourself. Depending on the position, you may need as many as three recommendation letters, preferably from […]

LinkedIn Mysteries: Why Groups Matter

The power of the ‘join-up’ digital network, next to the old-school lateral model, is equally striking and overwhelming. College students looking to carve their proverbial teeth have more opportunities than ever to speak to their budding expertise. But less of a chance of being heard over all of the chatter. LinkedIn Groups allow you, the […]