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Social Media Awareness: Staying Private, Landing The Job

Social Media is arguably the most and and will be always be the most relevant space invented. It can be used for an abundant amount of situations ranging from personal accounts to advertising to entertainment to even connecting with businesses. There is pretty much no setting where social media isn’t being used. There are a […]

How to Use LinkedIn in College

Maybe you’ve created an account on LinkedIn and made some contacts, but haven’t really been active on it on a weekly basis. Maybe you’re not on there at all. This is a HUGE mistake for college students (or anyone in the job market). Don’t slack on your presence on LinkedIn – if you don’t want […]

LinkedIn Mysteries: Why Groups Matter

The power of the ‘join-up’ digital network, next to the old-school lateral model, is equally striking and overwhelming. College students looking to carve their proverbial teeth have more opportunities than ever to speak to their budding expertise. But less of a chance of being heard over all of the chatter. LinkedIn Groups allow you, the […]